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I was born in November 1969 in Córdoba, Republica Argentina.

After graduating from college, I started studying graphic design, advertising and marketing at the University of Advertising Mariano Moreno in Córdoba. In the year.

Since 1990 I worked for various local projects around the creative development of print graphics, and began to write short advertising texts. 1992 I decided to move to Germany, making it my first steps in analogue photography.

2008 I designed my first digital photography show on Argentine Tango in urban shades and in black and white. Through my interest in music, I began to compose and it resulted in contacts and collaboration with local musicians. After returning to Argentina in the year 2002,  I continued studying it for web design and photography for the web. and opened my own design studio for Web and print projects.

In the year 2011 I decided going back to Munich, to start my studies as a cinematographer and video editor in the German Pop Academy and further developing activities related to photography and graphic design, adding later private film and video projects and Cooperation in voluntary art projects on social inclusion programmes.

From 2012 I took part in projects as an editor for television and Media Digital studio and outdoor photography. I also worked in various photographic projects for theatre and live music.

In the year 2015 I was invited by the group messy fingers to create a mixed sample with my photography in black and white on visions and urban profiles.

In 2016 worked on an exhibition project about the relationship between migration and its social and cultural influence and changes, called Sicilia Nostra a view of an Europe so far, and so close to Germany.

Ending the year 2017 I started with a video project about Ecuador, its ancestral traditions and culture, both nature and other interesting social aspects.

This projet is expected to be presented at the end of summer 2019. 

I'm currently working in advertising photography for various small entrepreneurs and artists, as well as professionals from Munich and the surrounding area.

I am passionate about implementing new design trends. Finding creative image ideas is the challenge that always excites me.  I independently process media productions, using my extensive knowledge in the fields of photography, video, audio and graphics .


CUTTER :Training / Cinematographer & Film editor

CAMERA OPERATOR: German pop academy © Music Support Group GmbH (Munich).

WEB DESIGNER: Academie Santo Domingo (Córdoba-Argentina)

GRAPHIC DESIGNER: with Advertising & Marketing at Institut ISMM

(Instituto Superior de Publicidad Mariano Moreno)

PHOTOGRAPHER : Event, Studio and Artistic


Evangelisches Migrationshaus - Griechiches Café


2020 Munich / Enviroment and Climate change / European Consumism

Updated: Germany, November 2019

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